I originally set up this blog to showcase the old Dope Rider comic strips I occasionally did for High Times from the mid-1970s through the mid-1980s. With High Times' 40th anniversary issue in 2014, I restarted the strip and have been doing my best to get one done for each issue. A few months after they appear in the magazine, I will archive them here. Note: all images are copyrighted by Paul Kirchner.

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Thursday, June 7, 2018

Dope Rider, "Tab"

I had fun doing these fantasy/reality match cuts.


  1. Just got out please call Manny Lezcano at (347) 2642067 you still owe me the 4 page doperider story

  2. I'm absolutely in love with dope rider. Thank you. If it were modern times, I picture him cruising in an el camino

    1. He might go for an El Camino .. it's one of my favorite muscle cars. For now it's strictly the Bonemobile, featured again in an upcoming episode.