Over the years, fans of the old Dope Rider comic strip from High Times have occasionally contacted me asking for copies of some of the images, which they intend to have tattooed on their backs, painted on their drum sets, or airbrushed onto the gas tanks of their Harleys. To make it easier for these folks, and to create an archive for anyone interested, I have set up this site to post the complete Dope Rider oeuvre. Note: all images are copyrighted by Paul Kirchner.

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Monday, May 4, 2015

The Man in Dope Rider's Head

Me and my beautiful one-and-only Sandy at a '60s-themed party the other night. First time I've had hair on my head in 20 years.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Dope Rider, High Times, February 2015

This is the second one-pager I did for High Times this year. It was inspired by the weird situation in California that, while the sale of medical marijuana is legal the transport of it may not be, based on the whims of local law enforcement. (Maybe a bit much to try to squeeze into one page.)

Just for fun, here's the opening frame without any text.

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Dope Rider Gets Noticed

This blog has been averaging less than ten hits a day, sometimes only two or three, but since it was featured in Dangerous Minds and Gawker a couple of days ago I've been getting over 5,000 hits a day. When this kind of thing happens I feel like the Steve Martin character in "The Jerk" when he sees his name listed in the telephone book. "I'm somebody now! This is the kind of spontaneous publicity - your name in print - that makes people! Things are going to start happening to me now!" Well, we'll see.

To welcome my new visitors I'll post my one-page Dope Rider comic from January's High Times. I'll be putting up more of these new strips a few months after the issue in which they appeared is off the stands.

Return of Dope Rider, High Times, November 2014

Way back when I was doing Dope Rider for High Times, I was also doing "the bus" for Heavy Metal, and at the end of 2013 I decided to try to bring the latter back. It had gotten renewed attention with the beautiful hard-cover collection put out by Tanibis, and I thought if I did some new strips there might be a magazine that would run them. Unfortunately the magazine business isn't what it was 30 years ago, so no luck there, but High Times responded to my submission by asking if I could do a Dope Rider adventure for their 40th anniversary issue. I did a three-pager, they liked it (actually, loved it but I hate to brag), and I've been doing a one-page story every month since January. It's great to bring the Bone Stoner back to life (as it were).

I'm working on a fully restored anthology of Dope Riders, which Tanibis will publish in the coming year. (If you want to buy a copy of "the bus" through Amazon, please scroll through the sellers until you come to me. When you order from me you get a signed copy. )

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Dope Rider News!

High Times editor Chris Simunek and art director Frank Max asked me to do a new Dope Rider adventure for the 40th anniversary issue, November 2014. It seemed like a great idea to me, as Dope Rider debuted in the 1st anniversary issue in 1975.  I did a three-page story, "Kukulkan's Kush." It took me about a month, which I admit is slow, but I'm very pleased with the way it turned out. The Dope Rider merchandise at my cafepress store uses some of the images I came up with for the story. I eventually will post it at this site, but you'll be able to find it on your favorite newsstand September 2.